"MediuM WelcoMe"
Eduardo Rothe



After the Second World War, the 'Cold War' brought us a new form of propaganda by the press, radio and television, disguised as information, with which the rival powers engaged in a psychological war on a global scale. Since then, technology has only accelerated and globalized the phenomenon, which today is presented as one of the biggest obstacles for people to being aware of reality.

In the new millennium, only the revolutions - "those festivals of truth in which no one remains sober" - have managed to at times tear apart the thick veil of the dominant lie. And also the flaws in the "flow of convictions" caused by the fragility of the official version of a world that began its "Russian campaign" long ago. The communicational hegemonies make problems everywhere, and societies discover that the emperor is naked.

In this context, the best news to start 2018, in terms of communication media and fight against the 'fake news', has been the emergence of The MediuM, an expression of the people who are beginning to organize against the toxic action of the ‘post-truth’ in the media.

The MediuM is launched as the start of a participatory democracy of information, where users move from static defense to counter-attack against the programmed disinformation of media monopolies, to achieve in the communicational order what Assange and Snowden achieved in matters of secrecy of State.

Welcome then, The MediuM, to the battle of ideas. Its consolidation and growth no longer depends on its organizers, but on each and every one of us, on our willingness to sustain it, but even more on our capacity to use this new tool in the good and old cause of establishing practical truth in the world.


Submitted by Eduardo Rothe

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