Interview with Romain Migus, MediuM Coordinator


Excerpts from January 23, 2018 interview


Why MediuM?

MediuM arises, firstly from a sad observation: there is a problem with the issues of information and communication. Even in the United States, the current President campaigned and won with all the traditional media machinery against him. In fact, he spends much of his time insulting the media from his Twitter account. It is unprecedented. At the same time, measures are taken against foreign television stations because they are considered to be carrying a different ideology.


These outlets and others like PressTV or Al Jazeera were created because public opinion is an important battlefield, and because the Western media imposed an extremely violent editorial line reminiscent of the great times of the Cold War. But if communication is a battle to mold public opinion, what can we citizens do?

That is the other side of the problem. The levels of distrust in the media by citizens have reached record numbers. The emergence of new sources of information on the Internet and the ideological and propagandistic role of the mass media, ended up driving away those who they intended to inform.

Nowadays, media have taken the space vacated by some political parties who lost their legitimacy. Consequently, the adherence to what a traditional media outlet says is no longer the result of the rational exposition of the facts, but of the trust or belief that the user has in the political line of his pseudo party. This is an essentially emotional exercise whose first victim is information. Each person will believe in the outlet that garners their trust, instead of having a sustainability criteria of the facts.


Why is this situation worrying?

It's like the story of the town’s cuckold - everybody knows that his wife/husband cheats them but they are blinded by the trust they have in their partner. Even when this trust breaks down, it is still very difficult to acknowledge it because it is humiliating.

Well, the same thing happens with the media. Some citizens still have trust and continue to believe in the media while these openly cheat and lie to them.

This belief can be shaken when media states misinforms about a social fact known to the user, hence the lie can be proved by personal experience. In this case, the most rational reaction would be to admit that if the media lies about a known reality, then they must do so for the farthest and least known realities. But it does not work that way, because it is quite humiliating to recognize that, in the end, much of the information we use to construct our representation of the world is false or politically oriented. It is difficult to recognize that we had a blind trust in the media, and that they took advantage and deceived us.

Following this metaphor, MediuM brings many information cuckolds come together. So come with us, without fear or shame. The MediuM not only tries to break the blind trust in the media but also offers you the possibility of comparing the media situation of your home country with other parts of the world, through a series of testimonies. You will realize that the problem is global and that we are millions of cuckolds.


What is MediuM?

Let's start with what it is not. MediuM is not an alternative information website, nor is it an analysis of the media world. There are already very good Internet sites that do this work and we are not going to overlap with them. MediuM is a platform for action. We invite all those people who do not trust the information they receive, to join our community. We were conceived more as a permanent campaign for the right to information and against media abuse.

MediuM is a democratic tool made available to citizens to participate actively in the defense of their rights around communication, information and freedom of expression.

That is why it is so important that you register for free on our website: We are going to launch petitions campaigns, letters to the media, and we will also give you the opportunity to become a citizen journalist to interview some personalities. We even have an attractive project for the musicians that we will launch in a few weeks. In short, we need you, those of you who are reading us, to add your energy and will to our campaigns. MediuM is you, it's us. It is a participatory and collective tool. What are you waiting for?


Romain Migus is the MediuM Coordinator.  He can be reached through our site by clicking here

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