For the creation of a big movement to defend truthful information and pluralism

The destiny and survival of humanity depends on the positions and decisions that the peoples adopt to confront the major problems of our time. The capacity of collective analysis depends on the objective and timely information available on the substantive issues and the economic, social and political news of the world in which we live, as received through the media.

Unfortunately, the transnational information services in the hands of the powerful and finance capital generate in the name of freedom, a permanent campaign of disinformation and falsification of the facts that corrupts knowledge and perverts democracy. Never before has there been so many possibility of deceiving people; never before the public was subjected to such an  technically equipped obscurantism.

Please sign on to our petition for the creation of a global movement to defend truthful information and pluralism:

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I support a global movement against the dominant lies that are disseminated by the monopolies of misinformation. I hereby advocate for a communications environment where access to objective, truthful and timely information is an individual human right. I believe a social media environment that provides users with the legal mechanisms to impose and exercise that right, is crucial.

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