Free Julian Assange from his media prison

Journalist Julian Assange has now been held for eight years at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, without any charges being brought to substantiate the reasons for his de facto detention.

Although he has never broken any law of a jurisdiction on which he depends, he risks extradition to the United States where his fate would be sealed in advance.

By deciding to make Julian Assange fall into oblivion or by misrepresenting the facts that led to his confinement, the major media groups have become accomplices to the current situation of the co-founder of Wikileaks.

Curiously, Julian Assange does not benefit from the solidarity of his colleagues, who are so quick to denounce the imprisonment of other journalists or attacks on other media outlets.


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By denying Julian Assange his freedom, it is our right to be informed that is being violated. A right that should be defended by all the media as the first relay of information.

We demand that the major media groups put an end to their blackout on Assange's case and that their communication outlets report with objectivity on the facts that have unjustly led the Australian journalist to the inhuman condition in which he finds himself.


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