What is The MediuM?

The extreme concentration of the media in fewer and fewer hands has turned media companies into simple propaganda tools at the service of the ideology of the owners of these companies.

The commercial media have the task of controlling public opinion and continuing to maintain cultural hegemony despite the attempts throughout the planet to revolt against the system.

Faced with a media power that hijacks information and communication for the benefit of economic and political elites, The MediuM is, above all, a democratic tool to reclaim our right to plural and truthful information.

The MediuM is a collective and participatory space where the other face of information is presented. Through our platform, we provide examples of misinformation, propaganda and psychological operations inflicted on various communities. If our media lie to us about our own reality, then they misinform even more about realities and situations in distant countries.

The MediuM is also a tool of citizen pressure to act and defend our right to plural and truthful information.

On this platform you can:

  • Inform yourself about the situation of media throughout the world
  • Participate in international campaigns to claim our right to plural and truthful information
  • Write letters to the media to demand plural and honest coverage of events
  • Inform others about your reality and the media manipulations in your country or community
  • Be an active member of The MediuM
  • Participate in building collective tools


Together, we are The MediuM against the commercial media system. We are information in action!

Participate, be an exclusive member of The MediuM